APS 4905 Battery for Roomba

  The APS 4905 Battery is a replacement battery that supposedly provides a 50% greater useful life than the original battery Roomba comes with. It is said to have a complete charge in three hours with an ABS Fast Charger, and also keeps Roomba running for an estimated period of 120 minutes.   The above, […]

iRobot 500 Upgrade Kit (Black)

The upgrade kit is a replacement collection bin specially designed for the iRobot 500 series. It is to mazimise the airflow in the debris bin, amid pulling hair and debris off the counter-rotating brushes of Roomba. According to iRobot, the upgrade kit enhances the efficiency of Roomba, as well as makes it more convenient to […]

Advanced Power System

  The  Advanced power system is a 3000 mAh capacity Nickel Metal Hydride battery that is solely designed for the Roomba 500 series, and is said to keep Roomba running at peak performance. Product description has it that a seven-hour period of charging is required on a standard charger. What’s more, it is even said […]

Scooba 5900/5800 Replacement Battery

From the outfit of Metapo comes this replacement battery for the iRobot Scooba 5900 and 5800 Floor Washing Robots. This is an alternative to the replacement battery made by iRobot for the two floor washing robots mentioned above.   The 14.4 V, 3500 mAh capacity NiMh battery is said to last for hundreds of cleaning […]

Aquabot Turbo Jet

Designed for in-ground gunite pools, the Aquabot Turbo T Jet Robotic In-ground Pool  Cleaner is said to be effective at washing, vacuuming and filtering pools in just one to two hours without hoses or poles. It features a two-micron mesh filter that is said to remove debris from leaves to algae, and also causing a […]

iRobot Roomba Pro

The iRobot Roomba Pro Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum has a duty to make sure your room is kept clean of dust, dirt, pet hair and also tidbits that accumulate with time.  Roomba effects cleaning via a three stage system and comes with two virtual walls to confine Roomba to a definite area so as to […]

iRobot Roomba 536

  Roomba 536 is designed to handle carpets and hard floors with an in-built technology to automatically adjust to suit transition from one floor type to the other. According to iRobot, Roomba 536 is equipped with improved cleaning technology featuring a powerful motor and counter-rotating brushes. This is to help Roomba reach deep into carpets […]

iRobot Scooba 390

The new iRobot Scooba 390 has a very simple design and supposedly comes with long lasting battery life. According to manufacturers, the floor washing robot builds on the best of the Scooba product line. It washes the floor by undertaking these actions: it preps, washes, scrubs and squeegees the floor. It’s indicated Scoooba 390 is […]

RoboMop Floor Sweeper

From RoboMop comes the hard floor specialist – RoboMop Softbase Robotic Floor Sweeper. This cleaner is designed to handle hard floors; talk of floors like wood, granite, marble , ceramic tile, linoleum, and RoboMop supposedly comes in as a great option for effective cleaning.   RoboMop takes care of your sweeping needs, and features electrostatic […]

iRobot Roomba 770

The iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaner features an advanced cleaning head, and is said to remove up to 98% of dirt, dust and pet hair. According to iRobot, the robot can be scheduled for seven cleaning sessions a week, even in your absence. There is a so called Dirt Direct Series 2 Technology to make Roomba stay […]

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